Kalbeliya ethical trading: fair trade fabrics, textiles and clothing hand made in Rajasthan, India

The colours of Rajasthan

Despite being a desert state, Rajasthan is one of the most colourful places on earth. From the dusky pink hues of the desert forts to the endless variety of shades in the local markets, everywhere you go your eyes are assaulted by a dazzling array of intense colour.

This seemingly endless range of is nowhere better seen than in the clothes of the Rajasthanis, which is reflected in the fabrics and clothes that we bring from Rajasthan to Europe. By way of a little background - and also simply because they are a visual feast - please find below some of photos of Rajasthan. They are all taken by Alex and copyright Kalbeliya except where shown (these others are sourced from the Wikimedia Commons and used under Creative Commons Attribution licences with respect and thanks).